Commenting your source is recommended and pretty helpful. But while implementing (e.g. SharpTM) most time it is annoying to scroll through all the big comment blocks. To get an overview of all class members it would be great to have the opportunity to collapse all comment blocks above all methods, properties, etc. That's why I tried to find a macro to do this - without success. So I wrote it by my own based on a region collapse macro I found here. And this is the modified function to do the job:

Public IsSummaryCommentsOutlineCollapsed As Dictionary(Of Document, Boolean) '' '' Toggling all <summary> comment blocks from collapsed to expanded outline. '' Please add [Imports System.Collections.Generic] on top of this module. '' Sub ToggleSummaryCommentsOutlineExpansion() If (DTE.ActiveDocument Is Nothing) Then Exit Sub End If If (DTE.UndoContext.IsOpen) Then DTE.UndoContext.Close() End If DTE.SuppressUI = True Try DTE.UndoContext.Open("ToggleSummaryCommentsOutline") Catch End Try If (IsSummaryCommentsOutlineCollapsed Is Nothing) Then IsSummaryCommentsOutlineCollapsed = New Dictionary(Of Document, Boolean) End If If (Not IsSummaryCommentsOutlineCollapsed.ContainsKey(DTE.ActiveDocument)) Then IsSummaryCommentsOutlineCollapsed.Add(DTE.ActiveDocument, False) End If Dim objSelection As TextSelection = DTE.ActiveDocument.Selection Dim line As Integer = objSelection.CurrentLine objSelection.StartOfDocument() ' find all <summary> blocks While objSelection.FindText("^:b*///:b*\<summary\>.*$", vsFindOptions.vsFindOptionsRegularExpression Or vsFindOptions.vsFindOptionsMatchInHiddenText) If (Not IsSummaryCommentsOutlineCollapsed.Item(DTE.ActiveDocument)) Then DTE.ExecuteCommand("Edit.ToggleOutliningExpansion") End If End While IsSummaryCommentsOutlineCollapsed.Item(DTE.ActiveDocument) = Not IsSummaryCommentsOutlineCollapsed.Item(DTE.ActiveDocument) objSelection.StartOfDocument() objSelection.GotoLine(line) DTE.UndoContext.Close() DTE.SuppressUI = False End Sub

In addition I just assigned a shortcut (Ctrl-M, C) to this macro to provide quick access while editing my sources.

Assign shortcut to Visual Studio macro

Update: Due to a comment of Torsten to add an undo option I implemented the support for toggling between collapsed and expanded mode and the undo functionality. Now running the ToggleSummaryCommentsOutlineExpansion function will collapse the first time for each document and toggles between expanded and collapsed mode each time you trigger this method.

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