Zoomable ultra high resolution Silverlight clock

I like this nifty vector based scaling feature of Silverlight. That’s why I was not often seen the last day and today. I developed a nice little clock based on one theme of the Clock Gadget of Windows Vista. Using Microsoft Expression Blend 2 December Preview and Visual Studio 2008 made it easy to get to the results.

But how to play with this toy: You can move the clock with a simple mouse drag and drop. For showing this cool effect of resizing I added the little white button on the top left of the clock. It’s also just a drag and drop action on this button, to do the scaling of the clock. By pressing the Shift button while doing the resize movements you’ll fix the aspect ratio of the clocks height and width. It’s also possible to switch to full screen mode and back again by double clicking the background of this canvas.

The Visual Studio 2008 source of this smart application can be found here.

Download: Clock.zip