Handling the BezierSegment as path in Silverlight

This small sample will show you the possibilities of Silverlights (and WPFs) BezierSegment
class. To draw a bezier curve you have to encapsulate the BezierSegment as part of
a Path element as shown in the following lines of code:

<Path x:Name="Curve" Stroke="#FFFFFFFF" StrokeThickness="2">
          <PathFigure x:Name="Figure" StartPoint="27,56">
                <BezierSegment x:Name="Bezier"
                               Point3="380,30" />

The curve itself is rendered using four points: the StartPoint attribute of the PathFigure
element and the three points Point1, Point2 and Point3 of the BezierSegment. Try to
play around with this sample and feel free to have
a look into the sources